Guest house list near pick up site Adventure Korea 01-26-2012 3,520

Dear members,

The following is the list where you can stay the day
before the trip to meet us for the trip.


1.Kim''''''''''''''''s Guesthouse 02 337 9894
A great place to stay. The owner is very friendly and can always
point you in the right direction for anything you need in Hongdae or
surrounding areas. Rooms are from 20,000 won per person per night.

2.Bebop House 02 8261 4835
A small but clean and friendly guesthouse. It is approximately a 10
minute walk to Hongik Station. Rooms can accomodate 1 - 8 people and
start at 20,000 won per person per night for an 8 person room.

3.Hong Guesthouse& Kimchi Hostel
010 6315 6696

Hong Guesthouse: A decent sized guesthouse located a 5 - 10 minute
walk from Hongik Station. The staff are friendly and well-informed of
the area. There''''''''''''''''s guaranteed to be something happening most nights at
this hostel and the staff as usually willing to show you to places.
Rooms start at around 18,000 won per person per night.
Kimchi Hostel:02 6082 6059
It is very similar to Hong Guesthouse and is a 15
minute walk to Hongik Station. The hostel is fairly new and in a nice
location. Rooms start at aroun 18,000 won per person per night for an
8 person room.

4.Blu Guesthouse 070 7692 9484
The rooms are very spacious and comfortable. It can be a little
tricky to find and everything is blue but it is a short walk (5 -10
minutes) from Hongik Station. Rooms are from 18,000 won per person
per night for an 8 person room.

5.Carpe Diem 010 4610 8475 (no website available)
This is a women only hostel. The owner is lovely and very friendly!
There are two rooms (4 and 6 beds) but the rooms are comfortable and
clean. Breakfast is included too. The guesthouse is in a great
location: It''''''''''''''''s a 5 minute walk to Hongik Station, very safe and quiet
but also accessible if you want to go out partying. The cost is
around 22,000won per person per night.

Please mail to webmaster@adventurekorea.com if you need any more information.

Adventure Korea Team