Adventure Korea has been a huge part of my enjoyment and adventure here in Korea this year! Friends Adventure Korea 07-30-2015 3,287

In all honesty, Adventure Korea has been a huge part of my enjoyment and adventure here in Korea this year! Friends recommended it to me and I continue to share my amazing experiences with people I meet and suggest this company to travel with! All of the trips I have been on with you guys have been so much fun and a wonderful experience overall! I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in Korea and will miss it dearly! I've shared great, long lasting memories with different friends through travelling with Adventure Korea and I would travel with you guys again in the future! You and your staff are incredible people and please tell your drivers, other tour guides and Max that I am so grateful for my time with you all and that you are all so very kind, helpful and friendly to everyone - you have a great staff working with you! Adventure Korea is by far the best tour company here in Korea and I am going to miss you guys and your trips very much! I will take back so many memories to Canada because of you! I may return to Korea in a couple of years and hope that you are still doing this as I would love to travel with this group again and again! I hope you know that you are an exceptional tour leader and everyone who travels with this group agrees and loves their experiences! You are definitely meant for this job and I can't imagine anyone else managing this group! Thank you again for so many wonderful memories and for always taking care of your people! Regards, Nicole :)