Caving and Ferry Riding: Written by Jill Reiner

On April 10th I attended my 4th trip with Adventure Korea this time to go on a ferry ride on Chungju Lake and a tour of Kosu Cave. This trip like all the others was well planned and organized by Park, Seokjin so the trip participants would be able to spend time enough time at each of the places  to take pictures, tour around the area or catch a bite to eat.
As we  left Seoul our day started out on the tail end of a rainy evening with the promise of partly sunny skies in the afternoon across the peninsula. So with that in mind we all boarded the bus with thoughts of sunny skies on the horizon.
Our first stop was to board the ferry to have a 1 1/2 to 2 hour tour of Chungju Lake. Unfortunately, since the weather was still very dreary and cool it was hard to enjoy all the ferry trip had to offer had it been sunny. However, towards the end of our ferry ride we were able to see some rocks that were formed in various shapes, for example, a turtle head.
After disembarking from the ferry we had some free time to catch a bite to eat, shop or do a little sightseeing of a temple high up on a hill that over looked Chungju Lake before boarding our bus to go to Kosu Cave in located in Danyang.
Kosu Cave has many various rock formations. Many of these were in various shapes such as an eagle, the image of St. Maria, a roaring lion's head just to name a few. The tour of Kosu Cave lasted about 45 minutes to an hour. After wards, we boarded the bus once again and stopped to see  3 famous rocks that were also in various shapes. Unfortunately, I can't recall their name at this time.
 As our trip came to an end and we headed home towards Seoul we finally encountered the sunshine we had been promised   

     Jill Reiner