Deep Sea fishing and Planting Rice in Darangee village

I had the opportunity to go on a trip with Adventure Korea to the island of Namhae. We visited Darangee village with under 200 people living there. I think this village is one of the treasured secrets of Korea. The experience was great!The weekend was filled with a wide variety of activities ranging from hiking, fishing to planting rice. I enjoyed the trip because it gave me the chance to see a different perspective and a hidden part of Korea. When traveling to different countries my favorite thing to do is mix with the people. This trip was perfect for that we each were placed into a families care for the two days and we were well taken care of.  Not only seeing how they live but having to chance to participate in plowing a field, planting rice and fishing made the experience complete. This village was full of kind, generous, and amazing people. This trip was great because the opportunity to do a lot of the things that we did would be difficult to do on your own, plus the chance to spend time in a beautiful area and make friends with other foreigners is an added bonus. Don’t pass up the chance to go, it was well worth it!