Bungy-jumping & Bicycling trip by Lucretia

The trip truly had a little of everything except cotton candy which I think I was the only person looking for anyway. In one day, we had the opportunity to Bungee Jump, bicycle, hike, climbed up and around a waterfall, drive dune buggies, ride rides at the carnival, and sing karaoke on the bus. It was an excellent day.

The day was nice and cool without being at all cold and it was perfect for the types of activities we had lined up. From the pickup point of the Express Bus Terminal, we headed out of Seoul. It took over an hour to get to where the bungee jumping took place. About ½ of those on the tour were interested in doing this but it was just as exciting for those of us who wanted to spend the day getting a little exercise with little chance of a heart attack or fatal accidents. We enjoyed watching and taking pictures.

Next, we all loaded back onto the bus and headed for the waterfall. It didn’t take very long at all. Once we were there, we got off the bus and everyone got a bike. I noticed that one place had tiny little motor moped type things and I bet we could have gotten those for a little more money but the ride is pretty short and not very strenuous. It took approx. 20 minutes to get to the climbing area and we locked up our bikes for a short hike. We walked up a small incline for about 15 minutes. On the way up we came upon a “rock pile” garden. There were literally a hundred or more little piles started. We tried taking pictures but I’m not sure how well our cameras were able to pick up the width and depth of the whole area, much less capture the full effect of the area. Like most of the things on these trips, you just had to be there to understand.

We walked on for a little longer and arrived at the waterfall. We noticed on the way up many frozen areas in the creek and in the actual waterfall there was ice clinging to parts of the wall. We were able to climb up the ice to the very base of the wall and some of us climbed up part of that, too. It was an excellent photo opportunity.

I think most of us were very happy to be out of city and enjoying fresh air and relatively open spaces. At least three people made comments of that sort to me and I know I was feeling the same thing.

On the ride back to the bike rental place we rode past mud tracks where they were renting dune buggies. We couldn’t pass that chance by! It only cost W10,000 for 6 turns around the track which worked out to 5,000 with two people . We got filthy and I’m sure for the rest of the day we added credence to the idea that foreigners are dirty but it was completely worth it.

Once we dropped off our bikes, we spent some time at a small fair that’s set up across the street. I rode the pirate boat ride and we took over the Bumper Cars for about 10 minutes. We even got one free turn. Probably just for the spectacle we presented but it was a blast. I didn’t get my car stuck even once which has been my one little upset with this ride in the past. My only disappointment with the fair was the lack of cotton candy which I was looking forward to eating. I apparently still have not gotten over that craving.

After awhile, we got back on the bus for the ride home. The bus broke down on the way, which turned out to be a lucky occurrence for me because we were able to walk down a little street and eat meat and drink beer in a nice countryside setting that I would never have gotten to see otherwise. The beer was good, food was excellent, and the company was great. And when we got our new bus we were allowed to sing karaoke because of the previous breakdown! This is illegal now and I would never have had the chance to experience it otherwise. It was a great ending to the day.