Special Romantic Gangneung Tour

KRW 20,000

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* Sightseeing Tour 20,000won

Ever wanted to be like BTS? Or feel like Kim Go-eun from the Goblin? Well here’s your chance! Gangneung, a province in Korea is famous for their popular film locations of BTS’s “You Never Walk Alone” album cover and the drama “Goblin”. And Adventure Korea is offering you a chance to visit both of these famous locations. During this romantic tour we are also going to be taking you to the beautiful Gyeongpo beach, the well-known Jungang Market, and visit the Ojukheon Hanok House which housed Shin Saimdang who is pictured on the 50,000 won bill! Furthermore you can take a walk around the renowned Anmok Coffee Street and Beach where they are famous for having exquisite and unique coffee shops. This is a great opportunity to not only feel like your bias but to have the rights to brag to your friends as well. Experience this romantic tour and sign up today! 

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