Chiang Mai Adventurous Cultural & Service Learning Experience

Why Chiang Mai, Thailand?

Chaing Mai’s tranquil approach to life encourages travelers to live in the moment and grow more in touch with the land’s natural diverse flora and fauna. Chiang Mai has a rich history and thriving culture. Its food markets are some of the best in the world and its city life is mixed with the nature surrounding the city.
In Chiang Mai, be prepared to appreciate wildlife with new eyes, learning from the traditional cultures of mountain tribes. From there, travelers can befriend locals and even an elephant or two. Savor the natural beauty of the world and the people who inhabit it by taking a fulfilling and educational tour of Chiang Mai with Adventure Korea.

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Why Adventure Korea :

Adventure Korea offers a unique blend of city and mountain sights; experiences you can’t find anywhere else. Our action packed itinerary is rooted in the belief in respecting and appreciating nature as well as worldly cultures. While touring with Adventure Korea, you will not only be experiencing all that Chiang Mai has to offer, but also giving back to the communities.

Touring with Adventure Korea is not simply a chance to observe a new country but actively engage with the locals, participating in their community through volunteer work. We offer exclusive experiences through our personal connections with Chiang Mai’s local communities.

What to expect

  • Our educational trip to Chiang Mai is jam packed with activities designed to promote curiosity, skill building, and compassion, all while having fun!
  • Through volunteer work, cultural exchanges, and good fun, travelers will develop skills, strengthen their world view, and deepen their relationship with nature.
  • Learn about our impact on the environment and how we can support endangered species
  • Our activities are designed to encourage collaboration and critical thinking. By doing orienteering, travelers will develop personal skills such as leadership, communication, navigation, teamwork, time management, and cultural appreciation.
  • through adventurous outdoor activities such as, hiking, ziplining, jungle trekking, kayaking, and mountain biking, travelers can learn to conquer their fears, see nature in another point of view, build individual skills, challenge themselves, experience amazing views, and bond with others
  • through volunteer work for local communities, travelers will give back to the communities who keep cultural traditions alive in an ever changing world.
  • learn about Thailand’s culinary history through a cooking class
  • learn how to conserve to preserve our environment and the importance of sustainability and so much more.

Sample Itinerary:

Day 1-2 : Welcome and Exploring Chiang Mai

Welcome to Chiang Mai! After landing in the Chiang Mai airport, we will greet our guides for the trip and travel to our hotel to recharge and freshen up. We will enjoy a delicious meal all together and prepare for the rest of our exciting trip!
The next day, we will begin our journey with a scavenger hunt in Chiang Mai city and visiting Temples! Using only a compass and a map, travelers will navigate through the city while learning valuable skills such as leadership, communication, navigation, teamwork, and time management! To finish off the day, we will visit the Night Market in Chiang Mai, filled with traditional Thai street food, music, art, and so much more!

***Optional: Another option for the day for nature lovers is to trek into the forest to see waterfalls and Chiang Mai’s beautiful flora and fauna!

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Day 3 : Conservation and Cultural Learning

Today is the beginning of our two day stay with the high mountain tribe, over 1,600 meters above the city!

On our way up to greet the village members we’ll make a pit stop at the Chiang Mai University Forest Restoration Center, where we will learn about forest conservation efforts in Chiang Mai and the importance the forest holds for countless species.
Upon arrival at the village, we will greet the tribe leaders and check into our accommodations. We’ll then jump right into Adventure Korea’s exclusive *Village Orienteering program.

At night, we’ll all participate in an exchange of cultural performances. Villagers will perform a traditional dance showcasing its culture, while travelers will prepare and perform a Korean Pop dance to showcase Korean culture. We will enjoy a feast composed of dishes made by different village members and a large roast brought by Adventure Korea.

*Village Orientering will include a cycle of activities prepared by the village tribe for travelers to learn more about its culture. Navigating with a map and compass, travelers will rotate through different activities with their own mission attached to each. Each activity showcases a part of the village’s culture and allows travelers to interact with the members of the tribe.

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Day 4 : Volunteering for Local Tribe

Through volunteer work, we’ll help local farmers by planting and harvesting their seasonal crops, such as coffee, tea, rice, fruits and vegetables, peanuts, and black ginger.
We will also interact with students in the local schools by assisting teachers in English, Sports, Music, and Art classes.
At night, we will have an amazing view of the stars over Chiang Mai while enjoying roasted potatoes over a bonfire.

****Optional: another option for the day is bushcraft. Bushcraft is the skill of outdoor survival. Activities such as how to build a fire, how to build a shelter, how to tie different knots, and other survival skills. These activities can teach travelers to conquer their fears, see nature in another point of view, build individual skills, challenge themselves, bond with others, and learn how to use natural resources.

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Day 5 : Adventurous Travel Day

Saying goodbye to the locals of the high mountain tribe, we will trek down the mountain to our next activity, an adventurous ziplining challenge course! With a beautiful view of the water and forest, travelers will zipline, repel, and climb through the mountain. With more than 20 checkpoints, this safe, secure, and scenic course gives travelers a chance to be curious, courageous, and adventurous.
Travel back into the city, check into our hotel, and after a delicious meal all together, relax and recharge for tomorrow.

****Optional: Another option for the day is to stay at the village until the afternoon, or visit the grand canyon water park

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Day 6 : Elephant Conservation

Travel to an Elephant Sanctuary, where we will play and interact with elephants.

Learn from the caretakers how to look after the elephants, as well as help the doctors who treat them. We’ll also learn the history of the sanctuary, the conservation efforts they make to keep these endangered animals safe, and how they provide for the animals in their care. We’ll also have some fun by playing with elephants, taking them for walks, feeding them, and even bathing them. By taking care and interacting with these majestic animals, travelers can learn why endangered species are important to our planet and how we can help these animals recover and thrive.

Visit one of Thailand’s most famous night markets, where travelers can try traditional Thai food and enjoy the nightlife in Chiang Mai.

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Day 7 : Food Culture and Reflection

Participate in a cooking class to make traditional Thai food. Travelers will be able to pick and harvest their own ingredients.

Thailand has a strong cultural connection to its food and each dish has its own history attached to it. Travelers will learn about the importance of culinary culture and how food defines and symbolizes our cultures all around the world. Preparing a meal using ingredients harvested by their own hands, travelers will learn how to cook 5 dishes, making a full Thai meal.

Travelers will pick and harvest their own ingredients from the gardens just next to their work stations. These ingredients are organically grown with care and showcase the flavors commonly found in Thai food.

Travelers can shop for souvenirs at the local market.

As we travel to the airport for your return flight home, travelers can reflect upon the lessons learned during their time in Chiang Mai and how they can apply these lessons in their own life. Goodbye Thailand!

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This Itinerary above is a sample. Upon request, Adventure Korea can customize this trip to last longer or shorter.

We can also customize the activities to accommodate the purpose of the trip. Whether you are looking for an educational or recreational trip, we can work with you to create the perfect itinerary for your group. 

If you are interested in the Chiang Mai Adventurous Cultural & Service Learning Experience with Adventure Korea, see below for the request form. Please contact us and we can start creating the perfect trip for you!


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