ESG Program

Our ESG Approach

It is our mission here at AdventureKorea to not only give guests a wonderful time but preserve Korea’s beautiful nature for generations to come. That is why we are happy to announce our new projects to come that will be focused around a sustainable, eco-friendly approach towards travel. Korea is known for its year-round beauty from the historical sights to the scenic nature. :
With the collaboration of our partner agencies we hope to bring this new form of travel to Korea
We want generations down the line to be able to enjoy such a magnificent climate that can only be found here
so join us in our journey towards a greener country.

What Is ESG?

What is ESG and how is it being used by AK Travel?

ESG stands for Environmental Social Governance and it is the driving factor in economic health within present day businesses. It is a new approach to going green and making sure our business approach is eco-friendly. It is the modernized way to achieve sustainability in corporate management by measuring the ESG Index pinpointing the risk benefactors between environment, human rights and health, as well as safety.

Oftentimes businesses use this approach as an investment strategy to join forces with fellow ESG based companies and get sponsored to produce projects, in this case trips, focusing on such eco-friendly travel.

At AdventureKorea we hope to bring guests more sustainable and ESG related trips and vacations while keeping the same fun-packed trips that have been provided since the beginning.

Why AdventureKorea?

AdventureKorea hopes to collaborate with other travel agencies to open new doors for travelers to get a glimpse of the beauty Korea has to offer. With things like nature conservation or digging for microplastics that coat the beaches; AK Travel is happy to offer our ESG Programs.
Beach Cleanup

Explore Korea’s beaches while making an effort to leave them looking and feeling healthier than before. Not only will you be participating in a healthier economy but you are making a safer home for the local wildlife thus they become less likely to ingest the harmful waste.

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Microplastic Investigation

Join our efforts of ridding the riversides of harmful micro particles that look like food to little sea creatures and river dwellers. These little pieces of garbage attract creatures like fish and turtles due to their pretty colors and small size, creating a lack of true nutrients for the animals and depleting the wildlife from these places.

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This activity will not only improve the environment but also your overall health. While enjoying our time at some of Korea’s most impressive sights we will pick up the garbage we come across. Everything from a bottle cap to a lost shoe we will do our best in leaving the area cleaner than it was when we got there.

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Get to know Korea’s wildlife species’ with our bio blitzing program. We will get to experience creatures in their natural habitats while having fun in this game-like adventure. There will be different missions to complete all revolving around the searching and finding of as many animal and plant species as possible.

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There is so much more in store for guests to enjoy while staying mindful of Korea’s environment.
If you are interested in partnering with our team here at AdventureKorea send us an email with your proposal!
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