Cheorwon Hantan river Ice Trekking Festival

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Join our Special Cheorwon Hantan River Ice Trekking Festival! 

The freezing winter in Cheorwon is famous, Cheorwon holds a unique winter festival with this regional characteristic. This 2023 Hantan-river Ice Trekking Festival gives an opportunity for you to see the Hantan-river valley composed of basalt, a form of rock, while taking a walk on the frozen river. The main program is trekking on the frozen Hantan-river, and other events that are free of charge are a photo contest, snow-sledding with sack, top-spinning games and human curling games. There also will be found places available to seat down, warm up and enjoy a snack. Although you can enjoy rafting in summer in Hantan-river, you can admire the different winter scenery and enjoy your time here! Don’t wait to buy your tickets, it is one of the most popular festivals during the Seollal (Lunar New Year)! 

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