Gangwon-do Wellness Trip

KRW 150,000

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Join us for the 2022 Wellness Week Opening Ceremony!
Gangwon-do is a beautiful and peaceful province, which is very popular among tourists. This is the perfect place to join wellness programs that soothe both the body and mind.
During the opening ceremony, we will be taught yoga by a yoga master, walk barefoot and participate in other healing activities.

If this doesn’t convince you to join, we will also take you to amazing places near the event.
Firstly we will visit the Daegwallyeong Sky Ranch, which is about 10 million sqm of land inhabited by over 400 cows, 40 horses and 100 sheep.
We will relax our body and soul by the view of the East Sea while visiting Dojebi-gol Sky Valley and the Maengbang Beach, which was the location for the BTS photoshoot for their Butter album.

Don’t miss out on this fantastic and relaxing trip! Join us to visit Gangwon-do and experience the beautiful, peaceful and calming nature by yourself!

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