Namhae Island Getaway: Sea Kayaking, Snorkeling,Bare hand fishing and German Village

KRW 289,000

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Adventure Korea will take you on a memorable trip to one of the most visit-worthy destinations in South Korea: Namhae Island! You will experience unique and fun activities.
During this three-day trip, we will take you to go sea kayaking in Namhae ocean. Paddle from one port to the other where you can also take a cooling dip in the water before paddling back.
Snorkel gear will be provided so you can discover the various sea life through the goggles.
For our accommodation we will stay in a village where you’ll experience an authentic homestay in Hanok style houses owned by a Namhae local. The first thing you will see when you wake up is Namhae ocean and rice fields. This beautiful sight will be one to remember.

However, we will not only do water activities, nearby is a German village that we will visit. For those missing the western society, this will be as close as you can get to it here in Korea.
Korea is also known for its beautiful temples. We will add culture and history to this trip by hiking to the Boriam temple, one of the five most famous temples in South Korea and is mainly known for its impeccable view.

You will notice during these three days that this area has incredible views of greenery and oceans. So you will for sure enjoy your time here unwinding from your stressful work week while breathing in the fresh ocean air.

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