Canyon cruise, zip-lining, bare hand fishing & country stay


We will be going on a fun filled trip with many activities packed into just one weekend. you will find it hard to believe that it’s only a weekend. Our tours cover so many different activities it feels like we’ve been travelling for a week rather than just one weekend. Adventure Korea and Pyeongchang county are coming together to give you a great experience at an amazing price.

This trip offers many outdoor recreational activities such as hiking, Zip-lining, Sky jump, Bare hand trout fishing but the highlight of this trip is…. Cruising along the canyon river for 7 kilometers taking in the natural beauty that was made all by water a long long time ago (Kind of like the Grand Canyon cruise tour but in Korea). The Canyon cruise is a first in Korea and we will be the only ones who will be able to experience this. Another amazing thing to do when surrounded by the mountains in clean open air at night is to look at the constellations with all the bright stars which can’t be seen in the city.

If you’re a nature lover or just want to get away from the city for the weekend to explore and do some fun outdoor recreational activities then this trip is for you and your friends. There are limited seats for this trip since so much is included that seats will sell out fast. Hurry and get your bookings in! 

  • Go with the flow on Donggang River cruising along the canyons in a motorized raft for 7 kilometers.
  • Go ziplining across the river and feel like a bird in the sky (Additional cost 12,000won)
  • Jump from a small bungee jumping platform of just 12 meters at Sky Jump (Additional cost of 5,000won) 
  • Eat Delicious local meals (3 meals including special Korean pork barbecue-삼겹살)
  • View the stars like never before where you can see the different constellations. This is great for the people that are from big cities because there is not a lot of light pollution blocking the stars from our view
  • Sing with your friends, old and new alike, with the karaoke machine
  • We will hike Ciljokryeong Canyon where you can see the work that water has made making the canyon over many many years
  • Bare hand trout fishing – catch as many trouts by hand in 1 ½ feet of water
  • Relax on the bank of the river and take in the beauty of the nature surrounding you 

What to Expect

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99 Pyeongchang m2
Go down the winding river by special raft cruise
31 006
Cross the river in the air while ziplining
31 007
Test your bravery while jumping off the Skyjump platform
99 Pyeongchang 002
Eat delicious food like korean bbq pork (삼겹살)
31 010
Sing your heart out at the karaoke machine
99 Pyeongchang 003
View the stars like never before with little light pollution blocking the light from the night sky

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99 Pyeongchang 005
Hike in the canyon that took many years for water to form
15 009
Let’s catch trout with bare hands


We will be staying in different accommodations that include pension houses, big sleeping rooms meant for big groups, and bunk beds (4 to a room). Pension houses are traditional Korean heated Ondol floors with bedding. If you have a large group, please let us know so we can arrange for your group to stay together. Send an email to webmaster@adventurekorea.com with your name and names of everyone in your group.


Day 1 (Saturday, November 21)


meet at Hongik Univ. subway station(Line 2, exit 1)


Pick up at Express bus terminal subway station(Line,3,7,9 exit 8)


Pickup at Cheongmyeong subway station(exit 1)


Pick up at Osan College subway station for those who live in Pyeongtaek,/Osan,Songtan(Exit2)


Pick up at Pyeongchang(평창) bus terminal


Arrive at the village and unpack at pension


Check in & Lunch time (Bring your own lunch)


Move to upstream of river by bus


Canyon Raft Cruise(all equipment provided)


Bare hand fishing


Dinner(Special Korean BBQ-삼겹살)


Bonfire and Party time

Day 2 (Sunday, 22)


Have Breakfast(Included)


Chiljokryeong Canyon trekking


Lunch together(Buffet style-Included)


Optional Zip-lining and sky jump or Free time


Leave for Seoul


Arrive at Osan college station


Arrive at Cheongmyeong subway station


Arrive at Express bus terminal subway station

Payment details

The price of the trip is only 89,000won and you will get all experiences like below
1.Chartered round trip limousine bus
2.Canyon raft cruise (Life jackets & helmets are included)
3.Delicious 3 local meals including special Korean pork barbecue-삼겹살)
4.Staying at Luxury Pension house (Many types available)
5.Bonfire with S’Mores
6.Karaoke machine
7.Beautiful Chiljokryeong valley trekking
8.Bare hands fishing fee
9.English speaking guides
-Optional event
2.Sky Jump(5,000won)
**If you sign up for both Zip-lining and Sky Jump the price is only 15,000won**
***When you deposit into the Adventure Korea’s account, PLEASE make sure you send an email to webmaster@adventurekorea.com and provide all the information below;
1.Trip name
2.Your full name including middle name.
3.Contact number
4.How much was deposited
5.What bank you sent it from
6.Time and date you sent it
7.Pick up site
8.All your travel companion names for room arrangement
9.The additional activities you want to attend (Zip-line or Sky Jump)-You can pay for this on site
NOTE: If you deposit money for groups, you will have to provide all the names in your group for room arrangement.

How to Pay for Trips

1.You can use ATM machines to wire payments directly from your bank account to Adventure Korea’s account,Shinhan Bank account no: 140-011-581081 under the name of (주)더에이케이트래블
2.Otherwise, you can visit any bank in Korea and have a teller wire the funds on your behalf.
3.You can pay via paypal to adventurekoreatrip@gmail.com and it is 95USD

Cancellation Policy

We have to pay deposits for these trips with the various activity places. If you cancel at the last minute, we are losing money as well. Therefore, we have to put into place this cancellation policy. By paying for the trip you agree to this cancellation policy.
If you have paid and would like a refund we have a policy. This policy is as follows
5 days before the trip: Full refund (120 hours from departure time)
3 days before the trip: 50% refund (72 hours from the departure time)
0% refund (72 hours or less from the departure time)

Pick up site

07:00 Honik Univ. subway station(Sub line 2, Exit 1)
07:30 Express Bus Terminal subway station(Sub line 3,7,9 Exit 8)
08:10 Cheongmyeong subway station (Exit 1)
08:40 Osan College subway station (Exit 2)

Additional Information

By signing up and participating in any of the trips offered by Adventure Korea, the PARTICIPANT acknowledges and agrees that the activities offered by Adventure Korea are in general adventure sports/activities in nature, and therefore are generally risky activities which may involve potential and unforeseeable risks of harm, which could include death or serious personal injury. The PARTICIPANT voluntarily and expressly assumes these risks and is fully responsible for his/her participation and actions in the activities at issue, and agrees that Adventure Korea or any of its officers, employees, guides, and representatives shall not be responsible for or be obligated to provide any financial assistance or any other assistance whatsoever in the event of injury, illness, death or property damage relating to or arising out of the Activities at issue.


₩ 89,000