Nami Island with 2 Hour Gapyeong Zip Lining and Petite France


Nami Island is famous for being the filming location for the classic K-Drama “Winter Sonata” which took much of the world by storm. You and your group can go there to see the locations from the drama as well as the other attractions that the island has to offer. You can also go to the surrounding area which has an amazing zip-lining course and the beautiful Petite France, a small village made to look like a village from France.

  • Go on a trip to the amazing mountains near Gapyeong as well as the famous Nami Island and Petite France
  • Go to Kalbong Mountain and take the exhilarating zipline tour over the mountains and valleys. Go on courses that can get to over 400 meters long, with the longest coming in at just over 520 meters. The entire zip lining experience takes you on 7 courses over the scenic mountains
  • Hike around Kalbong Mountain after ziplining. Walk up the road where you were dropped off to find an information center where you can learn about the easy, medium, and hard hiking trails (optional)
  • Take the ferry to Nami Island(13,000won) or if you are more adventurous you can take a zipline to the island. While there you can see many things.
  • You can have lunch at Nami Island which has lots of different foods, including Halal food
  • Walk along the river path on the island or rent a bike to ride around the island(Different rates apply)
  • Walk between the magnificent trees lining the paths in the middle of the island
  • See the exotic birds on the island like ostriches and peacocks
  • Go to the Song Museum
  • See the beautiful artwork displayed at the Art Gallery and Clay Art Gallery
  • Take amazing photos at any of the scenic places on the island such as the lily pad pond
  • See the tomb of General Nami for which Nami Island is named after
  • See famous filming locations from the hit drama ‘Winter Sonata’ as well as statues of the main characters
  • Take a ferry back to Gapyeong where you can eat delicious dakgalbi (spicy stir-fried chicken) which was made famous in the area and is considered a specialty of the region
  • Test your courage and bravery while Bungee Jumping over the North Han River (Optional, 40,000won)
  • Visit Petite France where many famous dramas were filmed including ‘My Love from the Star’ and more and relax after an exciting day and walk around the shops and see the amazing recreation of French architecture and art (10,000won)
  • Do team building games at the parks on Nami Island (upon request)
  • Do an ecological study on Nami Island or in the mountains nearby (upon request)

*Lunch Menu: You can eat at whichever restaurant you like, but we suggest that you eat some dakgalbi which is a specialty of the region or on Nami Island where there is a lot of delicious food including Halal food. Upon request we can have lunch provided for you and your group.

What to Expect

29 01
Go ziplining on the longest zipline course in Korea! Take in the scenic views while going from platform to platform
29 002
Hit top speeds while going across the valleys
29 003
Walk across the suspended bridge and test your balance when the bridge starts to shake a little

29 016

29 017
Explore Nami Island where you can walk the beautiful paths, rent bikes, and eat great food (including Halal)
29 009 1
See famous filming locations from the hit drama ‘Winter Sonata’ as well as statues of the main characters
29 004
Go Bungee jumping to test your courage and experience what the celebrities on Running Man, Infinite Challenge, and more did on their shows(40,000won)
18 001
Explore Petite France where you can see buildings and art that are reminiscent of a small French village

Itinerary Outline

**If you want to change the itinerary send an email to webmaster@adventurekorea.com


Depart from a location of your choosing


Arrive at Nami Island ferry port


Ride ferry to Nami Island(13,000won)


Explore Nami Island & LUNCH


Ride ferry back to Gapyeong


Bungee Jumping (Optional, 40,000won per person)


Take bus to Kalbong Mountain for ziplining




Take bus to Petite France


Explore Petite France


Ride bus back to your original pick up location


Arrive back at your original pick up location

Payment Methods

We have different methods for you to pay for this trip.
*From outside of Korea
-We have an overseas bank account that you can wire the funds to
-Send the payment through Paypal
*From inside of Korea
-You can use ATM machines to wire payments directly from your bank account to Adventure Korea’s account, which is Shinhan Bank account no: 140-011-581081 under the name of (주)더에이케이트래블
-Visit any bank in Korea and have a teller wire the funds on your behalf
-Send the payment through Paypal
*You can also pay a deposit using any method above (30% of total price) and pay the rest when you come to Korea
Please contact webmaster@adventurekorea.com for any enquiries about payment methods

Pick up site

We can pick you up at the lobby of wherever you are staying while in Korea. Please be in the lobby by the agreed upon pick up time and you will see our bus waiting to take you to your destination.

Cancellation Policy

We have to pay deposits for these trips with the different accommodations and activity places. If you cancel at the last minute, we are losing money as well. Therefore, we have put into place this cancellation policy. By paying for the trip you agree to this cancellation policy.
If you have paid and would like a refund we have a three week policy. This policy is as follows:
3 weeks before the trip: Full refund
2 weeks before the trip: 50% refund
1 week before the trip: 0% refund


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