Pyeongchang Adventures


This trip is at a great location next to the famous Donggang River, and surrounded by lots of mountains and caves which we can explore. The town is nestled between mountains and tons of tall, towering trees; the view will take your breath away. The town we will stay in also has many adventurous activities for you and your group to partake in.

  • Go with the flow of the Donggang River when we go river rafting (May-October only)
  • Explore the caves in the area where you will need to crawl at times, wear headlamps, and observe the natural beauty of the cave including the wildlife that call the cave home
  • At the end of the cave in the last hall we will all turn off our headlamps and experience the total darkness that encompasses everything
  • Go bare-hand fishing for trout (In the winter the water is ice cold, it can be very challenging)
  • Go ziplining across the river and feel like a bird in the sky
  • Jump from a small jumping platform of just 12 meters at Sky Jump
  • Eat delicious meals
  • View the stars like never before where you can see the different constellations. This is great for the people that are from big cities because there is not a lot of light pollution blocking the stars from our view
  • Sing with your friends with the karaoke machine
  • We will hike Ciljokryeong Canyon where you can see the work that water has made making the canyon over many many years
  • Eat lunch with ingredients from the village we are going to stay at
  • Swim in the rejuvenating water at the creek (May-October only)
  • Relax on the bank of the river and take in the beauty of the nature surrounding you
  • Go fly fishing in the Donggang River
  • There is a great park location where we can do team building games
  • There are plenty of places for us to do Running Man type games in the village
  • There is a seminar hall where your business can have a meeting with all of the employees on the trip. Microphones, projectors, computers, and seating is all provided
  • We can do a Bioblitz and catalogue all of the natural wildlife in the area
  • Use night vision goggles to observe all of the natural wildlife come to the river to drink (Winter only)
  • Have a big bonfire with smores upon request
  • Go fly fishing in the Donggang River

What to Expect

15 002
Go down the winding river in while rafting
15 007
Go to the seminar room where you and your group can have a meeting. Microphones, screens, projectors, and computers provided
15 008
Go to a space in the seminar building where you can learn how to do activities, such as fishing with a net like above
15 004
Do an ecological study on all of the wildlife in the area

15 005

15 001
Learn how to fly fish in the Donggang River
15 006
At night we can collect a bunch of bugs and do a study on which ones there are


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i 001
Crawl and climb through the cave’s different halls
15 009
Try your hand at hand fishing and catch the slippery trout
i 003
Cross the river in the air while ziplining
20140621 111001
Test your bravery while jumping off the Skyjump platform
i 004
Eat delicious food like korean bbq pork (삼겹살)
15 010
View the stars like never before with little light pollution blocking the light from the night sky

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i 006
Hike in the canyon that took many years for water to form
15 003
Swim in the refreshing river water

Sample Itinerary

This is a sample itinerary that we suggest for this trip. If you have any special requests or want to change parts of the itinerary please send an email to webmaster@adventurekorea.com

Day 1


Pick up anywhere on your request


Arrive at the village and unpack at your accommodation


Lunch time (small buffet style)


Adventure Caving (all equipment provided)


River Rafting (Life jacket and training included)


Dinner (Special Korean BBQ pork or chicken)


Bonfire & S’Mores & music time
*This time is going to be great for group bonding and strengthening friendships

Day 2


Have Breakfast


Chiljokryeong Canyon trekking


Lunch together(Buffet style-Included)


Ziplining & Skyjump


Free time


Leave for home


Arrive at your original pick up location

Payment Methods

We have different methods for you to pay for this trip.
*From outside of Korea
-We have an overseas bank account that you can wire the funds to
-Send the payment through Paypal
*From inside of Korea
-You can use ATM machines to wire payments directly from your bank account to Adventure Korea’s account, which is Shinhan Bank account no: 140-011-581081 under the name of (주)더에이케이트래블
-Visit any bank in Korea and have a teller wire the funds on your behalf
-Send the payment through Paypal
*You can also pay a deposit using any method above (30% of total price) and pay the rest when you come to Korea
Please contact webmaster@adventurekorea.com for any enquiries about payment methods

Pick up site

We can pick you up at the lobby of wherever you are staying while in Korea. Please be in the lobby by the agreed upon pick up time and you will see our bus waiting to take you to your destination.


You can visit their website to view the different accommodations at https://www.mahari.kr. Go to the tab that says 쉼터/잠터 to see all the different accommodations they have.
Accommodation types:
Camping on wooden platforms
Pension houses (Korean style rooms with heated floors. Mattresses, blankets and pillows provided)
Container House with bunk beds

Additional Information

Cancellation Policy
We have to pay deposits for these trips with the different accommodations and activity places. If you cancel at the last minute, we are losing money as well. Therefore, we have put into place this cancellation policy. By paying for the trip you agree to this cancellation policy.
If you have paid and would like a refund we have a three week policy. This policy is as follows:
3 weeks before the trip: Full refund
2 weeks before the trip: 50% refund
1 week before the trip: 0% refund

By signing up and participating in any of the trips offered by Adventure Korea, the PARTICIPANT acknowledges and agrees that the activities offered by Adventure Korea are in general adventure sports/activities in nature, and therefore are generally risky activities which may involve potential and unforeseeable risks of harm, which could include death or serious personal injury. The PARTICIPANT voluntarily and expressly assumes these risks and is fully responsible for his/her participation and actions in the activities at issue, and agrees that Adventure Korea or any of its officers, employees, guides, and representatives shall not be responsible for or be obligated to provide any financial assistance or any other assistance whatsoever in the event of injury, illness, death or property damage relating to or arising out of the Activities at issue.


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