Sea Kayaking, Deep Sea Fishing, Hiking & Namhae Island Adventures


We will be going on a special trip to one of the most famous tourist destinations in South Korea, Namhae Island! While at Namhae Island with us you will get to experience many different things such as sea kayaking, snorkeling, Mt.Geumsan hiking, craft making, visit German village, bare-hand fishing and relay games, and much more.
We will depart from Seoul late Friday night so we can avoid traffic Saturday morning. Look at the Itinerary and the Pick Up Site sections for more information on the times and locations we will be departing from.

  • Sea kayaking where you can see the rocky mountains meet the sea
  • After kayaking to a nearby small island, you can go snorkeling and see all the different sea creatures and plants(Wet suits are available to rent)
  • Have 3 meals which are included in the price which will all feature the local delicacies of Namhae, including home-cooked meals from the mothers of the guesthouses
  • Go handfishing at the shores of the pebble beach where you can use bait to catch small fish
  • Get to the guest houses (which are Airbnb-like) in Darangee Village where the owners will cook local delicacies and you can look at the terrace farms and sea
  • Learn about the traditions and culture that have persisted through time of the area from the local citizens, who are more than happy to share with you
  • We will go hiking up Geumsan (금산), which is one of the most famous hiking courses because of its breathtaking scenery where you can see all the different islands and the sea
  • At the top of Geumsan you can visit the Boriam temple, one of the 3 most holy sites in Korea
  • Make crafts from dried rice stalks such as sandals and basket as well as making a paper doll
  • Rest at the guest house and eat dinner prepared by the guest house owner or go out in town and try food at the many restaurants
  • Play traditional Korean games such as ssireum, and play games like a relay race and tug-of-war
  • Make paper lanterns with your wishes on them. We will release the paper lanterns into the night sky to make your wishes come true and get a great view of the star-like lanterns
  • Try some makgeolli made from special local ingredients to give it a unique taste 
  • Drink and sing with your old and new friends on a karaoke machine 
  • Watch the sunrise from the village while smelling the fresh sea air
  • Deep sea fishing is available as an optional event

What to Expect

28 002
Sea kayaking near the beautiful cliffs
86 Namhae 004
Drink and sing with your old and new friends on a karaoke machine
28 004
Snorkeling at a nearby small island to see the different kinds of sea-life

Visit the pebble beach where you can do unique hand fishing and swimming,

28 006
Stay at a guest house where the local citizens open up their homes to strangers looking to learn about their culture. Eat delicious food that has traditionally been made in Namhae Island for many years cooked by the guest house owners
28 003
Go hiking up Geumsan where you can get an amazing view of the islands and the sea
28 005
Visit Boriam Temple at the top of Geumsan, one of the most Holy sites in Korea
86 Namhae 002
Go deep sea fishing and catch some big fish
86 Namhae 001
Learn how to play some traditional Korean drums with some help from the village manager
86 Namhae 003
Visit Korea’s German village


Day 1 (Friday, October 16)

11:20pm(At night)

Depart from Hongik Univ. Subway station(Sub line 2, Exit 1)


Pick up at Express bus terminal Subway station(Sub line 3,7,9 Exit 8)

Day 2 (Saturday, 17)


Cheongmyeong(청명) subway stop exit 1
*6 stops away from Jukjeon and 6 stops away from Suwon subway station


Osan College subway station(exit 2)


Pick up at Daejeon Tollgate(Those who live in and around Chungcheong-do area)


Pick up at Namhae bus terminal
*Please mail to webmaster@adventurekorea.com if you want to be picked up here!


Arrive at Sangju beach


Sunrise hiking to Mt. Geumsan
*For those who are not for hiking that early you can stay at Sangju silver sand beach (You can sleep more in the bus)


Visit German village or free time


Arrive at Dumo village
You can do optional sea kayaking or deep sea fishing


Arrive at Darangee village


Check in homestays


Check in homestays


Dinner at your homestay


night activitis-craft making,fly paper lantern


Relay games with villagers
*We will also prepare Noraebang(karaoke machine)

Day 3 (Sunday, 18)


Have Breakfast at your homestays


Learn Traditional Korean music(Samulnori)


Pebble beach exploration & unique hand fishing


Lunch together and free time.


Depart for home


Drop off at Namhae bus terminal


Drop off at Daejeon tollgatel


Arrive at Osan college station


Arrive at Cheongmyeong station


Arrive at Express bus terminal subway station

Payment Detail

1.The trip price is 85,000won and includes
– transportation (A chartered limousine bus) during the whole trip
– 3 local meals
– Accommodation( 3-4 people are sharing)
– Traditional games,relay games & Noraebang
– Mt. Geumsan entrance fee
– Bare-handed fishing
– Flying paper lantern experience
– English speaking guides
– Craft making experience fee
*Optional event(let us know which option you will do when you sign up)
-Sea kayaking: 35,000won including wetsuits
-Deep sea fishing: 30,000won with bait and fishing gear
2. The accommodation allows for 3-4 people per room and rooms have a TV, blankets, toilet and shower facilities, so you just need to bring your own toiletries and towel.
We have many different size rooms, so please let us know if you have more than 4 people in your group.
3. If you want to share a room with your friend, let us know in advance so that we can organize it.

How to Pay for Trips
1.You can use ATM machines or online banking to wire payments directly from your bank account to Adventure Korea’s account, Shinhan Bank account no: 140-011-581081 under the name of (주)더에이케이트래블
2.Otherwise, you can visit any bank in Korea and have a teller wire the funds on your behalf.
3.You can pay via paypal to adventurekoreatrip@gmail.com
If you use paypal, 1 usd is same as 1,000won.
4. You can also visit the office in person, and by doing this you receive a 10% discount on trips costing up to 100,000 won.Type “Adventure Korea” on google to see our location

How to sign up for the trip
Please pay the full amount in order to reserve your seat and email to webmaster@adventurekorea.com with the information below;
1.Trip name
2.Your full name including middle name.
3.Contact number
4.How much was deposited
5.What bank you sent it from
6.Time and date you sent it
7.Pick up site
8.Gender & Nationality
9.Which optional event you will do(sea kayaking or deep sea fishing)
9.All your travel companion names for room arrangement
NOTE: If you deposit money for groups, you will have to provide all the names in your group for room arrangement.

(Group discount)
If you sign up with more than 5 friends you will all receive a discount on the trip as below;
5-9 people:2,000won
10-14 people:3,000won
more than 15 people: 5,000won
NOTE: You must all sign up and pay together to qualify for the discount. Please email webmaster@adventurekorea.com to qualify

Cancellation Policy

5 days before the trip from the departure time: you will get a full refund
3 days before the trip from the departure time:50% refund
2 days before the trip from the departure time: 0% refund

Pick up site

Day 1 (Friday, October 16)
11:20pm(At night) Depart from Hongik Univ. Subway station(Sub line 2, Exit 1)

11:50pm Pick up at Express bus terminal Subway station(Sub line 3,7,9 Exit 8)

Express bus terminal Subway station

Day 2 (Saturday, 17)
12:20am Cheongmyeong(청명) subway stop exit 1
*6 stops away from Jukjeon and 6 stops away from Suwon subway station
Cheongmyeong subway station 1

12:50am Osan College subway station(exit 2)

Osan college subway station

02:20am Pick up at Daejeon Tollgate(Those who live in and around Chungcheong-do area)

Daejeon Tollgate

Additional Information

By signing up and participating in any of the trips offered by Adventure Korea, the PARTICIPANT acknowledges and agrees that the activities offered by Adventure Korea are in general adventure sports/activities in nature, and therefore are generally risky activities which may involve potential and unforeseeable risks of harm, which could include death or serious personal injury. The PARTICIPANT voluntarily and expressly assumes these risks and is fully responsible for his/her participation and actions in the activities at issue, and agrees that Adventure Korea or any of its officers, employees, guides, and representatives shall not be responsible for or be obligated to provide any financial assistance or any other assistance whatsoever in the event of injury, illness, death or property damage relating to or arising out of the Activities at issue.


₩ 85,000