Paragliding in Korea


*A deposit of 25,000won (23USD via paypal) is required when you book your trip. The remaining cost will be paid at the paragliding site in cash (80,000won).
– The best pilots
– All the gear needed for Paragliding (paragliding jumpsuit, helmet, gloves, GoPro & selfie stick)
– Pick up & drop off service at Danyang bus terminal
– Restrictions: Weight limit is 20~110Kg, but there is no limit for height.

We are offering a daily paragliding trip to Danyang! This trip runs throughout the year and you can enjoy flying in the sky from the hot weather of the summer to the cold weather in the winter. The paragliding company also has GoPros that they take with during your flight so you can have a video of your flight sent to you afterwards! We can also give you instructions to go to other attractions in the area on your own and see many of the scenic views Danyang has to offer.

  • Get picked up at the Danyang Bus Terminal by the paragliding company
  • Drive up the mountain to the paragliding site and go through all of the safety talks and paragliding information
  • Suit up in the paragliding clothes that are provided at the site
  • Take photos at the photo op section of the site after you have put on the paragliding clothes
  • Paraglide in tandem with the best paragliding pilots and feel like a bird flying in the sky
  • After landing the pilot can take the sim card from the GoPro and upload it directly to your phone or they can email it to you after they get back to the paragliding site
  • Get a ride back to the Danyang Bus Terminal where you can enjoy many different foods at different restaurants in the area


  • You can rent an ATV right next to the paragliding site, rental is for one hour (45,000won, deposit of 15,000 won required, the rest will be paid on site in cash)
  • Take a taxi to see the Dodamsambong rocks (7 minutes away by taxi), an outcrop of rocks in the middle of the Namhan River and which has a small pavilion on it. The rocks represent a man who had turned to a mistress to secure a male heir, and his wife is turning away from him (Free if you aren’t parking a car there)
  • See the Stone Gate (석문) which is just a short 20 minute walk from Dodamsambong. Walk up the steps going to a pavilion on the mountain near Dodamsambong and continue on the path to see a natural arch gate made of stone (Free)
  • Take a taxi to the Mancheonha Skywalk to get an amazing view of Danyang. The Skywalk also has a glass floor at the top where you can see right below where you’re standing. You will need to take a bus to the Skywalk from the parking lot (3,000won)
  • Mancheonha Skywalk also has a ziplining course to go down the mountain to the parking lot if you don’t want to take the bus back to the parking lot. You will need to buy a ticket for the zipline at the parking lot of the Skywalk. (30,000won, includes bus pass up to the Skywalk)
  • You can visit Gosu Cave, a short 10-15 minute walk from the bus terminal over the bridge. Explore up to 1.7 km of the cave and see all the different geographical features it has to offer. (11,000won, if you show your receipt from the paragliding company you can receive a discount of 10%)

What to Expect

12 005
Play Video
Paragliding in Korea 001
Let the wind take you away and fly over the mountains and river while paragliding

Paragliding in Korea 002

Paragliding in Korea 003
Ride an ATV around the mountainous terrain
Paragliding in Korea 004
See the scenic Dodamsambong rocks, the most famous of the 8 scenic views of Danyang
Paragliding in Korea 005
See the natural Stone Gate which gives you a great view of the river and the farmlands behind it
Paragliding in Korea 006
Go to the Skywalk and get a great aerial view of Danyang and the natural beauty around it
Paragliding in Korea 007
Zipline down the mountain from the Skywalk if you haven’t gotten enough adrenaline so far
Paragliding in Korea 008
Walk through the Gosu Cave and see all the natural geographic wonders in there


Sample Itinerary
*This itinerary varies depending on your bus departure time from Seoul


Take a bus at Dong-Seoul(동서울) bus terminal near Gangbyeon subway station


Arrive at Danyang(단양) bus terminal


Meet our guide& move to flying site by a van


Arrive at the site and change clothes


Safety talk


Experience paragliding


Comeback to the flying site and receive video


Lunch near the bus terminal(not included)


Leave for Seoul
*There are buses leaving for Seoul at 4:20, 5:30, and 6:30 as well if you want to see the other attractions that Danyang has to offer


Arrive at Dong-Seoul Bus terminal

***Optional activities***
~30-40 minutes : Dodamsambong and Stone Gate
~20-40 minutes : Mancheonha Skywalk
~40-60 minutes : Gosu Cave

Payment Detail

*How to Pay for Trips
A deposit of 25,000won (23USD via paypal) is required when you book your trip. The remaining cost will be paid at the paragliding site in cash (80,000won).

  1. You can use ATM machines to wire payments directly from your bank account to Adventure Korea’s account, which is Shinhan Bank account no: 140-011-581081 under the name of (주)더에이케이트래블. When you use the ATM just pay for the deposit (25,000won/23USD). The remaining cost (80,000won) will be paid on site in cash (paragliding site does not accept credit card)
  2. Otherwise, you can visit any bank in Korea and have a teller wire the funds on your behalf
  3. You also can pay into our paypal account below and it is 23USD
    adventurekoreatrip@gmail.com. Reminder: the rest of the cost will be paid on site in cash (no credit cards accepted) 
  4. After you have paid into the Adventure Korea’s account, PLEASE make sure you send an email to webmaster@adventurekorea.com and provide all the information below;
    – Trip name and date
    – Your full name including middle name.
    – Contact number
    – How much was deposited
    – What bank you sent it from
    – Time and date you sent it.
    – Nationality & Gender

Cancellation Policy

If you have paid and would like a refund we have a policy. This policy is as follows
10 days before the trip: Full refund
7 days before the trip: 50% refund
6 days or less before the trip : 0% refund

Pick up site

*Danyang bus terminal gate 2
**Bus Schedule
– From Seoul to Danyang
You can take a bus at Dong-Seoul bus terminal(동서울터미널) which is located
at Gangbyeon(강변) subway station(Line 2, Green line, Exit 3). Go to the ticket kiosks and ask for a ticket to Danyang

bus 001

* It takes 2 1/2 hours
* Bus depart regularly at the following times;
– From Danyang to Seoul
*You can book bus ticket on-line by clicking the link below;
You can also book a ticket at the bus terminals on the day of the trip, but make sure to get there early so you can get on the bus with the departure time that you want
– Destination is written like “Dangyang”
*There are also trains and buses to and from Daegu(대구),Daejeon(대전), Cheongju(청주),
Chungju(충주), Wonju(원주), Yeongju(영주) and other cities.
So send an e-mail to webmaster@adventurekorea.com for information.

bus 002

bus 003

Additional Information


Paragliding is an exciting sport. Because it must be completed outdoors and can be a high risk activity we must take caution when it comes to weather. In the event that the weather is not in our favour, with heavy rain or strong winds, we will have to cancel the trip.
We will check the weather reports regularly before each paragliding trip and inform you up to 1 day in advance if rain is the problem and at least 12 hours before departure if it is too windy and the trip has to be cancelled.
Please make sure you send us your cell phone number when you email us after you have signed up, as we will send you a message between 1 day and 12 hours before the trip ONLY if there is a cancellation.


By signing up and participating in any of the trips offered by Adventure Korea, the PARTICIPANT acknowledges and agrees that the activities offered by Adventure Korea are in general adventure sports/activities in nature, and therefore are generally risky activities which may involve potential and unforeseeable risks of harm, which could include death or serious personal injury. The PARTICIPANT voluntarily and expressly assumes these risks and is fully responsible for his/her participation and actions in the activities at issue, and agrees that Adventure Korea or any of its officers, employees, guides, and representatives shall not be responsible for or be obligated to provide any financial assistance or any other assistance whatsoever in the event of injury, illness, death or property damage relating to or arising out of the Activities at issue.


Nearby Activities & Locations

Dodamsambong & Stone Gate

Dodamsambong is one of the eight scenic sights found in Danyang. Dodamsambong is three rocky peaks jutting out of the Namhan River. According to a legend, the three rocks represent a man, his wife, and a mistress. The man and wife loved each other, but were unable to have children. They found the mistress so they could get a male heir, and the mistress eventually did fall pregnant and have a child. When the child was born however, the mistress began to taunt the wife and mistreat the wife. When the heavens saw them, they turned all three into the peaks we see today, with the biggest being the husband, the second biggest the mistress, and the third biggest and the one further away from the other two the wife.

Paragliding in Korea 004

Paragliding in Korea 009

If you walk along the river where Dodamsambong is, you will see a pavilion and some steps leading up to it. If you go up these steps and continue on the path there, you can come across the second most famous scenic view of Danyang, the Stone Gate. The Stone Gate is a rainbow shaped rock formation that looks like it was carved out of the mountain by man, but it is natural and took many years to form. You can get a great view of the river and the mountains through it.
You can go to these two locations by taxi from the Danyang Bus Terminal. There is no entrance fee since you will not be parking a car there.

Mancheonha Skywalk

The Mancheonha Skywalk is a great place for you to get an amazing view of Danyang, the river, and the mountains surrounding everything. While there you can also test your fear of heights with the floor at the end of the observation deck being glass. No matter where you are at the top, you will get a great place for taking photos. While at the Skywalk, you can also zipline down the mountain to the parking lot. The shuttle bus to the top of the mountain where the Skywalk is costs 3,000won. If you want to take the zipline down the shuttle and zipline costs 30,000won. The best way to get to the Skywalk is by taxi from Danyang Bus Terminal.

Paragliding in Korea 010

Paragliding in Korea 007 1

Gosu Cave

Gosu Cave is a huge limestone cave that was formed over 450 million years ago. It is known as the “Underground Palace” and is Korea’s “Natural Monument No. 256”. The cave is 5.4 kilometers long but people visiting the cave are limited to just 1.7 kilometers for exploring. Walk along the metal pathways installed in the cave and see all the different geographical wonders in there. The entrance fee to get into the cave is 11,000won, but if you go paragliding first and then head to the cave and show them your ticket for paragliding they will give you a discount of 10% making the entrance fee 9,900won. The best way to get to the cave is to just walk from Danyang Bus Terminal. There is a bridge across the street from the bus terminal that you need to walk across. Keep walking straight until you get to a point where you can turn left or right. You need to go right to get to where the cave is. Keep walking along that road until you see a bunch of little shops and restaurants, and you will see the entrance to the cave and the ticket kiosk.

Paragliding in Korea 011


₩ 25,000