Ulleungdo/Dokdo Island& Seoraksan During Chuseok

KRW 390,000

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Chuseok is quickly approaching, so why not spend the holiday with Adventure Korea on the beautiful Ulleungdo Island, one of the must see tourism destinations in Korea and the world! On this 4 day adventure you will also get to visit the Seoraksan National Park and amazing Dokdo Island. Go bridge jumping into some of the most crystal clear water you will ever see while at Ulleungdo Island. Ulleungdo is less crowded than Jeju Island as well so you will have the chance to enjoy the scenery around you more. The trip will cost 390,000won(Seoul departure) or 389,000won(Pohang departure). Going to Dokdo Island is not included in the price and will cost an extra 60,000won if you wish to go there. We have a limited 30 seats for this trip so sign up before someone else takes your spot!

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