Overnight DMZ village stay : History, Culture & DMZ Tour

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Have you ever been curious about what the DMZ is, and what North Korea looks like from the South Korean border? Now’s your chance! We will be going on an overnight trip to a unique village right next to the DMZ! Learn more about the ongoing conflict between North and South Korea by seeing these historic locations and monuments in person.

You can take a peek into the North from an observatory that is almost on the edge of the demarcation zone, only a few km from the border. Visit the last train that used to connect the North and South, the sites of devastating ruins, the shockingly calm landscape of the bloodiest battlefield in the war, and so much more! During our stay, we will experience a mixture of nature and history in Cherwon. You will leave this trip with a whole new perspective about the Korean War and how it affects us today.

To end our day, we will have a delicious dinner and we will also have a bonfire in the evening and roast s’mores!

Our meals will be prepared by the villagers using the local area’s ingredients, including a delicious Korean BBQ dinner. We’ll also learn how to make and decorate Korean rice cakes in a fun cooking class at the village community center.

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