Breathtaking Ulleungdo/Dokdo Island trip During Chuseok

KRW 450,000

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Visit the most beautiful hidden gem, Ulleungdo Island, and witness the most breathtaking and scenic views. Locals believe that this remote, volcanic island has mystical energy and is a very sacred location, receiving the nickname, “Mystery Island.” Ulleungdo is believed to have been formed following volcanic eruptions over 2.5 million years ago. You’ll be shocked at the pristine wildlife and rich primitive history tucked away from the mainland. This island is the perfect destination for relaxing vacations and spiritual healing, so we will be celebrating the national Korean holiday Chuseok here. Chuseok is the celebration of the mid-autumn harvest season. Ulleungdo is so large and vast that you won’t have to worry about the overcrowding of tourists anywhere. Go on a four day escapade with Adventure Korea and spend quality time with Ulleungdo Island nature’s beauty that is unrivaled to anywhere else!

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