Cheorwon Hantan river Ice trekking festival 2023: A magical winter wonderland!

Written by : Floor Bijleveld

Adventure Korea’s day trip to the Cheorwon Ice trekking festival was a great success. The drive to the route’s starting point went smoothly with almost no traffic, we arrived around 10 am and clear skies greeted us. Of course, we started with a fun group picture before we started walking the route. The route itself took around 2 hours to complete. It was truly a winter wonderland.

The route started with a bridge that was put over the frozen lake, giving a great perspective of the water that was surrounding us. along the way, there were magnificent sites of frozen waterfalls and beautiful rocks that were covered with sparkling white snow. The parts where the river was not frozen, it was possible to see the bottom of the river because the water was super clear! During the hike, there were many photo spots and opportunities, with the natural surroundings or the huge rocks! 

Once at the halfway point was reached the biggest and most beautiful frozen waterfall, at that location was also a sculpture made from snow. It was Lunar New Year themed because four bunnies were sculpted. The route continued underneath two bridges, there were some climbing obstacles on the way which kept the route exciting too! After taking in the impressive views of the frozen Hantan river, mountains, ice, and snow we made our way up to the village where we had lunch and waited for everyone to arrive so we could walk to the festival where they had lots of fun activities.

After a 5-minute walk to the festival grounds, there were numerous activities to participate in. There was a big tent with food stands, a seating area, and a  stage where performances were done. Outside there were bonfires where you could warm up. There was also a big snow slide, kite flying, fishing and there were stands where it was possible to make small crafts! Lots of fun activities to keep busy for a while.

Once we spent around 1,5 to 2 hours at the festival it was time to head back to Seoul, the drive back by bus was a little longer due to traffic but it was a great time to warm up and relax. On the ride photos and stories were shared of the hike and activities that were experienced during the trip. It was a great trip where fun memories were made that will not be forgotten anytime soon!

Adventure Korea thanks everyone who joined this trip to the Cheorwon Hantan river ice trekking festival and we hope to see you next time. Experience more wonderful trips, tours, and activities with Adventure Korea!

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