Cheongna Dalton International School’s Outdoor Education Adventure in Manhae Village, Inje

Written by Victorine Gohy


The students of Cheongna Dalton International School recently embarked on an unforgettable Outdoor Education Program in the picturesque Gangwon province. Over three exciting days, these young adventurers explored nature, learned new skills, and bonded with their classmates in a hands-on learning experience.

Day 1: Go beyond your comfort zone

The journey began with a thrilling forest adventure. The students navigated through the lush forest, encountering a big slide nestled among the trees. Their spirit of adventure continued as they tackled climbing walls and tried their hand at parkour, embracing the challenges with enthusiasm.

After working up an appetite, the group enjoyed a traditional Korean meal of bibimbap for lunch, refueling for the rest of the day’s activities.

In the afternoon, the students moved to Naetgang Town for a special cooking class. Local experts shared their culinary wisdom, teaching the students to make delicious kimchi Jeon—a savory Korean pancake. Additionally, the students showcased their creativity by crafting cute pottery under the guidance of skilled instructors.

Day 2: Hiking in Seoraksan Mountain


On the second day, the students embarked on a scenic hike in Seoraksan Mountain, taking on the challenging Ulsanbawi course that led them to the mountain’s peak. The hike offered breathtaking views, with cherry blossoms adding a touch of natural beauty to the surroundings. The serene atmosphere allowed the students to connect with nature, appreciating the peaceful ambiance and the soothing sound of the stream.

After the rewarding hike, the group enjoyed a packed gimbal lunch, savoring the flavors of Korea’s traditional cuisine. To cool off and celebrate their achievements, the students indulged in refreshing ice cream before heading to Seorak beach for a microplastic investigation.

With a commitment to environmental responsibility, the students cleaned the beach, collecting plastics and trash to protect the marine ecosystem. The day ended on a high note with a lively talent show at the hotel, showcasing the students’ diverse talents and creating lasting memories.

Day 3: Orienteering Mission in Manhae Village

On the final day of their Outdoor Education Program, the students participated in an orienteering mission in Manhae Village. Guided by instructors, they learned how to use a map and compass, honing their navigation skills while exploring the scenic village.

The trip concluded with the students returning to school, reflecting on their experiences and the valuable lessons learned outside the classroom.

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In Conclusion

The Outdoor Education Program in Gangwon province provided the students of Cheongna Dalton International School with a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in nature, learn new skills, and bond with their peers. From forest adventures and culinary experiences to hiking and environmental initiatives, the trip was filled with exciting activities that fostered personal growth and lifelong memories. This enriching experience underscored the school’s commitment to holistic education, empowering students to learn, explore, and thrive both inside and outside the classroom.

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