Migliore Mall: 20 Floors of Affordable, Trendy Fashion and so Much More!

22 June 2022
By Terisa Phonxaya

If you’re looking to buy the latest trend of clothes or faux luxury brand name items, Dongdaemun is the perfect destination for you! Dongdaemun is known to have Korea’s largest wholesale and retail shopping district with so many malls and markets to choose from. The best part about this area is that it is essentially open 24 hours nearly everyday. 

One of the most infamous malls in Dongdaemun is Migliore. “Migliore” is Italian for the best of the best, and I would have to say it’s true for this area full of other wholesale and retail department stores! This location is the original mall, with other locations in Myeongdong, Busan, Daegu, Gwangju, Suwon, and even Taiwan. It opened in 1998 and still keeps up with the fashion trends of today.

Migliore has the most shocking hours I have ever seen for a mall. The building opens at 10:30 AM and closes at 4:30 AM, Tuesday through Sunday! There is also a hotel attached, appropriately named “Hotel Migliore,” and its entrance on the side of the building.

Migliore 001

Address: 18-145 Euljiro 6-ga, Seoul, Dongdaemun

It houses hundreds of stores, offices, and other service hubs throughout 18 floors. The 19th and 20th floors are the rooms of Hotel Migliore, even though the lobby and hotel cafe are on the 14th floor.

Migliore 002

When you first enter the mall, you will see rows of shop owners and their massive variety of women’s clothes. The women’s sections are spread from floor 1 to 3 where you can find business suits, trendy pieces, street-wear styles, pajamas, denim, tshirts, and even evening gowns!

Migliore 003

Migliore 004

Most of these items do not have price tags, so you will have to ask the store owner “Eol-ma-ye-yo?” / “얼마예요?” which is “How much is this?” in Korean. This is when you have the chance to practice your bargaining to find the best deal possible! If you pay with a card, you will have to pay 10% more for the added tax, so make sure you bring plenty of cash for a cheaper price. However, with a card, you do get a receipt if you want to exchange or return anything later.

Migliore 005

Another detail to consider is that most of these clothes are “Free Size” or only one size. Some of these shops do allow you to try things on, but usually shirts are not allowed to be tried on for sanitary reasons. Typically, Korean women are very slim, so be careful when you find a piece you love and try your best to measure it to your size.

Migliore 006

Make your way up to the 5th through 7th floors to find all kinds of accessories, shoes, jewelry, purses, suitcases, souvenirs, and wigs to complete your look! This is where you can find the faux luxury brand names, and some vendors have really convincing dupes that are almost as high quality as the originals.

Migliore 007

Migliore 008

If you’re not tired out from bargaining and shopping, I highly recommend checking out the 16th floor which is a unique floor with a “Nail Mall,” where you can find everything and anything nails.

Migliore 009

There’s dip powder, acrylic sets, stencils, stickers, UV lamp lights, drills, and more than you can even imagine for nail care. This is a nail tech or nail art lover’s heaven!

Migliore 010

There’s dip powder, acrylic sets, stencils, stickers, UV lamp lights, drills, and more than you can even imagine for nail care. This is a nail tech or nail art lover’s heaven!

Migliore 011

As you can see, Migliore has so much to offer for the fashion scene in Seoul! There is a little bit of everything there for every type of person. Of course, their popularity is due to the ability to keep up with the trends and the affordable clothing. This is a must-go when visiting Seoul in Dongdaemun, so happy shopping!

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