2023 Jindo Sea Parting Festival

KRW 109,000

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The 43rd Jindo Miracle Sea Parting Festival is back after 3 years of absence due to Covid restrictions. Spring is upon us for this wonderful Festival that will include so many things there such as the highlight of the Sea Parting, Holi Hai Jindo Color event, Toga mob dance. Global Zone EDM Party in the evening, Jindo dog show and much  more !
Jindo is a magical place where once a year the sea parts almost like the biblical story of Moses parting the sea. This phenomenon that happens once a year ONLY in Jindo, lasts long enough for people to walk across to an island distance of 1.8 kilometers, usually situated in the middle of the sea. Jindo Sea Parting festival, also called the Jindo Moses Miracle, is one you must see while you are here in Korea. It is one of the 3 biggest festivals in Korea each year, along with the Mud Festival and Ice Fishing Festivals. The opportunity to witness and walk the 40 meter wide path for about 1.8 kilometers is highly recommended.

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