River Rafting and Caving Trip By Adventure Korea

Written By: Bailee Massengale

We have officially wrapped up our most recent trip of caving and river rafting.

We had the most fun with our guests in Pyeongchang where we got to enjoy the fast moving waters of the river and the dark and mysterious caves. We got to celebrate the historical beauty within the caves and even got to take a glimpse of the hidden sites deep within its depths. Our team at AdventureKorea prepared this event thoroughly and so well that guests were asking when we could go again. So many good memories were made and friendships that would go on even after the trip was over.

Such a trip like this is definitely one that will be listed as most memorable.

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We arrived at the assigned subway stations to depart for Pyeongchang by 10:30 am. Once we arrived at the village we headed straight for the restrooms to get changed and ready for river rafting. The rafting organization had prepared life vests, helmets, water shoes, as well as paddles to start off our adventure. Each of our three rafts were led by trained professionals so guests could relax even if they were first timers like myself.

Once every raft was settled and full of up to 11 guests we set sail down the river. To get us all acclimated to the water, everyone hopped into the cool river waters and took a quick swim before jumping back into the rafts. 

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As you can see the raft guides more than welcomed us with fun and a water splash fight. Completely peaceful and full of memorable fun. During one of the breaks we took during our rafting session guests and raft guides alike got to enjoy the water whether that was swimming, splashing each other, or even chasing one another with helmets full of water.

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Due to the influx in rain water from the previous few days, the river’s water level had risen allowing for more speed to the rafts and as we’ve all learned, the more speed the more fun. 

The 2-hour rafting experience flew by and guests were more than pleased with the experience. Once we finished enjoying the river waves we all headed to lunch. The local restaurant had prepared delicious foods like spicy pork bulgogi, and rice along with side dishes of fish cakes, kimchi, and many other delightful fillings. The strenuous workout had everyone ready to fill their bellies so we did just that. 

Afterwards we were ready to go explore Pyeongchang’s historical caves! Here we went deep inside the mountains of the Pyeongchang village and witnessed the beauty found there.

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We got to dress in super cool gear from head to toe. The caving site prepared such gear for us that included a red jumpsuit with caving boots. As well as a helmet with an attached flashlight and a waist belt. We also got gloves for the moments we needed to crawl or use our hands in general.

Many of us realized that the suits made us look like characters from the popular Korean drama ‘Squid Games’. That was fun in itself as we got to look super cool in our pictures!

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When everyone was changed and ready we headed for the caves. Due to the location of the cave we had to take a boat across the river for about 10 minutes which we then would arrive at our destination. We took a couple flights of stairs to get to the cave entrance and even just the entrance left us speechless and anticipating the journey we were about to take.

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The excursion took about an hour or so and there were so many cool and unique structures within the cave. The cave guide had explained that this cave was used in ancient times as housing. The cave itself was quite cold however, there was an ancient built-in fireplace that was created as a furnace to warm the whole cave for an extended period of time during the winter season. The fact that this was a cave that was used by ancient people was extremely cool and the structures inside were even cooler. 

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The river rafting and caving experience as a whole was one that will go down in our memories as one of the best trips yet. All of us enjoyed our time here as well as being in the company of one another. Whether it was with family members or new friends that were made on the trip, we all got the chance to share something special and AdventureKorea is to thank for that. 

This is the trip to be on for those who enjoy adrenaline spiking adventures and beautiful scenery. For those who don’t mind getting their hands a bit messy as well. 

This was the best way to spend our Sunday and let’s look forward to more trips hosted by AdventureKorea!!

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