Rainy Exploration of Changdeokgung Palace

Traveling to Korea means indulging in delicious food, listening to infectious music, and embracing the blend of tomorrow’s technology with yesterday’s history. A visit to Changdeokgung Palace allows travelers to take a step into history themselves, as they explore the palace grounds and walk the same trails that royalty once admired. Changdeokgung Palace is also a certified UNSECO location; meaning the Palace meets important criteria that legitimize its value in the shaping of Korean culture and history. Follow along this rainy visit to Changdeokgung Palace as the weather sets a dramatic scene for a dynamic experience straight out of a K-drama.


Once you’ve entered the Palace grounds, you’ll be struck with the gorgeous architecture. The buildings of stone and wood set the precedent for traditional Korean architecture. The colorfully ornate detailing on the roofs and ceiling of the throne room are eye-catching, acting as a stark contrast to the rain falling this day. Standing in front of the throne room is truly a unique experience. It’s fun to reflect on the experience of being in the same space that royalty once inhabited. Same place, but vastly different time, either way, anyone can appreciate the beauty and craftsmanship of these Palace structures.


We highly recommend signing up for the guided tour of the Biwon, Changdeokgung’s Secret Garden. Admittance to the Secret Garden is only available to those who sign up for the Secret Garden Tour. This tour is available in Korean, Japanese, and English. The kind and knowledgeable tour guides allow tourists plenty of time to take in the beautiful scenery while offering detailed descriptions of the Palace’s original use.

Buyongji Pond

Changdeokgung Palace is revered for its harmonious blend of natural beauty and architecture. As you venture deeper into the Garden, this prioritization of natural beauty becomes even clearer. The landscape is complete with lush greenery, thousand year old trees, lotus pools, and pavilions.

Juhamnu Pavilion

For travelers interested in nature and history, Changdeokgung is a must see. The tranquil garden and storied past behind this Palace’s rebuilding is equally interesting and educational. Experience Korea from the eyes of the royalty who once resided in Changdeokgung Palace and book a trip with Adventure Korea today!

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