Unforgettable volunteering experience at Namhae Middle School

Adventure Korea and an international foreign school from Seoul recently had the incredible opportunity to volunteer at an all-boys middle school in Namhae, nestled in the rural countryside of the island. The warm welcome received from both the students and staff at the middle school set the tone for a truly heartwarming experience. The students from the foreign school were eagerly looking forward to collaborating with the Namhae middle school kids and engaging in a morning of volunteering.

The day began with an introduction by the school’s principal, followed by a brief introduction from a teacher representing the foreign international school. The excitement in the air was palpable as everyone gathered together for the morning’s activities. The first order of business was a lively warm-up game of rock-paper-scissors, in which both schools participated, fostering an enjoyable atmosphere and helping the students get to know each other better in a fun and interactive way. The primary aim of the volunteering event was to introduce the Namhae middle school students to the English language while also fostering an appreciation for different ethnicities and cultures.

Following the energetic warm-up game, the international students prepared and performed a play centered around the theme of cyberbullying. The play consisted of various scenes, and after each scenario, the Namhae students had the opportunity to engage in group discussions with their peers from the international school. Together, they analyzed the situation depicted in the play and brainstormed possible outcomes. These group discussions were conducted primarily in English, with occasional assistance in Korean, as everyone made a concerted effort to communicate in English as much as possible. Each group shared their solutions and observations before the next scene of the play unfolded.

As the play progressed, the Namhae students were invited to actively participate as well. Brave students from each group stepped forward, lending a helping hand to the protagonist of the play, and demonstrated exceptional teamwork and problem-solving skills. Their contributions were commendable, and they played an integral role in resolving the challenges presented in the play.

For both the Namhae middle school students and the international school students, this volunteering experience proved to be extraordinary and unforgettable, leaving a lasting impression that will be cherished for years to come. Such opportunities for volunteering provide valuable learning experiences for all participants, as they learn from one another and create enduring memories. The organizers of Adventure Korea are thrilled with the success and enjoyment of the morning spent at Namhae middle school and look forward to future meaningful engagements with local communities.

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