5 exciting things in Seoul, Korea (Ikseon-dong-Old Neighbourhood)

Written by Alessandro Nigro

Ikseon-dong was a hanok village that originated in the 1920s and today, is a beautiful blend of tradition and modernity. In the narrow streets you can find not only traditional, Hanok architecture, but elements of modern Seoul that similarly give you the feeling that you’re in the “real” Seoul – that’s something no traveller wants to miss.

The narrow, twisting alleys are home to many unique stores and cafes, making the streets an idyllic backdrop for all of your photos. If you remember the signs of the stores or special murals, you can easily find your way around.

Ikseon-dong is a popular neighbourhood in Seoul that features many stores such as cafes, restaurants, and craft stores with unique concepts and designs run by young artists and entrepreneurs.

Walk through the maze-like streets and go exploring in Ikseon-dong!

1. Visit a Tarot Card Reader/Shaman
Koreans often go to tarot card readers for some insight into personal matters when they feel it’s needed, so why not take the chance to look at the many tarot card readers that exist within the streets of Ikseon-dong. Travel to Ikseon-dong and you will be amazed by the insider look into Korea.

2. Go to Hotel Seine!
Hotel Seine is tucked away deep in Ikseon-dong, and offers one of the most superb views of the area on its rooftop. After a long day of taking a tour with Adventure Korea, why not take a chance to unwind with an impressive view of one of Seoul’s oldest neighbourhoods?

3. Madang Flower Cafe
Located in one of the most beautiful areas of Seoul lies one of the most photographed and “instagrammable” cafes one could imagine. Magang Flower Cafe, as it’s called, was the shooting location for the Korean dramas like “Lonely and Brilliant God-Ghost” and “Goblin.” As such, one can imagine it is a coffee shop that meets exceptionally high standards as far as aesthetic and product go! Laced with ornate details and decorated by plants throughout, Madang specialises in coffees, teas, and some dessert items, all with an easy, calming environment to revel in after a long day of exploring Seoul.

4. Go to Dongbaek Bakery
Arguably some of the best souffle pancakes in Seoul, this bakery has some of the best desserts in all of Korea! At a reasonable price point with a great location to explore the city thereafter, you can’t go wrong with feeling like you’re on an adventure just by exploring the little alleyway it’s tucked away in!

5. Enjoy the Old Hanok Architecture!

As one of the most photographed places in Seoul, you can wander and get lost as the traditional Hanok architecture takes you back in time to the old Korea and be amazed by the ancient architecture. Navigate the narrow alleyways and feel like you were transported back in time through this incredible and jaw-dropping Seoul neighbourhood. As one of the main reasons people flock to Ikseon-dong, you cannot miss it!

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