A day with Dakgalbi, Legos and Canoeing in Chuncheon

 Written by Paula Rivera

Gloomy weather days aren’t always the best, but when you decide to go on a Dakgalbi, lego and canoeing trip with people that you’ve never met, it becomes a memorable day. This trip was in Chuncheon, the capital of Gangwon-do province. It is well known for their Dakgalbi which is a stir-fried or grilled marinated spicy chicken.

The day started at 9am in Hongik Uni. station and Kunkuk Uni. station where our bus came to pick us up. Our tour guide introduced herself, explained how the trip was going to run, and did an icebreaker activity to get to know us better. 

At 11am we arrived in Chuncheon Central Market where there were many shops selling clothes, food, bed covers, and many other items. From there we walked to the Dakgalbi street and ate the stir-fried dakgalbi.

Chuncheon 001

Chuncheon 002

Chuncheon 004

Chuncheon 003

Chuncheon 005

After filling our stomachs with some dakgalbi, which was really delicious. We went to the Songnam SkyWalk, which is a bridge of glass where you can see the Uiamho Lake and small boats passing through your feet. You can also find a small souvenir shop with purses, magnets and postcards.

Chuncheon 006

Chuncheon 007

Chuncheon 008

We arrived at the Brick Art Festival at 2pm and explored their Lego exhibit. It is always interesting to see how creative people can be with legos. There were many lego sculptures of historical buildings and people, cats, buildings, flowers, trees.

Chuncheon 009

Chuncheon 010

Chuncheon 011

Chuncheon 012

Chuncheon 013

Finally, we arrived at 4pm to the last stop of the day, which was canoeing. We were all worried because we thought the weather wasn’t going to let us enjoy the trip, but it ended up being the complete opposite. To me this gloomy weather was perfect for having a relaxing and peaceful experience, which is the goal of the guides managing the canoes.

Chuncheon 014

Chuncheon 015

Chuncheon 016

Chuncheon 017

Chuncheon 018

Even though it was a one day trip I had the chance to meet other people and explore Chuncheon from its streets to its lakes. Next time I come I’ll be sure to have grilled dakgalbi.

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