Bukchon Cityteering with team Green Climate Fund!

Written by Paul Hoffmann

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On a beautiful sunny day, 20th of May 2024, Green Climate Fund enjoyed a team-building day with Adventure Korea having a fun and instructive activity called “Cityteering” in Bukchon Hanok village which is famous for its traditional architecture, coffee shops and street foods. This opportunity enabled them to put into practice the fundamentals of teamwork, collaboration and orientation. 

Before the main adventure, participants warmed up with traditional Korean mini-games. Coming from different and various countries, this little activity enabled them to discover a little more about Korean culture in a fun and entertaining way, requiring a sense of coordination and precision. 

Then, the main game could finally begin. Indeed, the objective of this team building activity was to learn how to find one’s way in a given location, and to be able to get to specific places with the help of a compass, a map and to complete missions for each letter or number. The key to success was the ability to communicate with and listen to every member of the team. It also helped them build team spirit and a sense of belonging, as well as forging strong bonds with each other. 

The objective was not only relational but also cultural. Indeed, this activity enabled them to learn more about Korean culture and history, and to discover a type of traditional architecture that we don’t get to see every day. Moreover, they were able to indulge in the famous street food here. On the menu: TTEOKBOKKI (떡볶이), FISHCAKE(어묵), KIMBAP(김밥), HOTTEOK(호떡), MATTANG(맛탕), SIKHYE(식혜)

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In short, this game allowed everyone to spend a pleasant moment, to relax, to de-stress. but also to put into practice a spirit of playful competition by confronting each team with the goal of returning with the maximum points and thus beating their opponents. One thing’s for sure, this moment will remain engraved in their memories

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Finally, each team was given the opportunity to give their impressions of this team-building activity called “cityteering”.Each participant received a certificate from adventure korea to congratulate them and thank them for their participation.

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