Canyon Cruising through Pyeongchang’s Donggang River

By Paula Rivera

If you love going to the Grand Canyon in the US, Colca Canyon in Peru or any other canyon then I’m excited to show you this hidden gem located in Pyeongchang, South Korea!! A few days ago, I cruised through the Donggang river in a motorized raft and let me tell you, out of all the times I’ve been able to explore Pyeongchang, this was the most memorable moment.

Before I transport you to the canyon cruise, I highly recommend that you hike up the Ciljokryon trail. If you go during the autumn foliage you will be able to see a colorful panoramic view of the canyon from the top. If you don’t want to do the hike you can arrive by car to the starting point.

Look at this stunning view!! Trust me you wont regret doing this hike.
A few things you should know before the hike:

  • Always check the weather
  • Bring one or two water bottles
  • Don’t be like me and not bring a small backpack🥲. You will need it to store your water.
  • Wear comfortable clothes during summer, but in autumn almost winter, at least bring a jacket that can warm you up.

The picture may look amazing, but the real view is sooo much better.

After finishing our hike through the Ciljokryon trail we walked to the starting point and met with the rafting staff. They provided us with all the safety equipment such as the helmet and life vest. Every raft can have a maximum of six people in it.

Luck was on our side during the ride, because the weather was perfect. However, it got colder when we were halfway to the end.

Because the tide was lower we got stuck a few times in the rocks. If that happens don’t panic because the guide will explain how you should move. Though, it was more fun getting stuck in the rocks. You will share many laughs with everyone, especially when the guide tells you to jump, you will remember that moment for a while.

Halfway to the end we stopped for a few minutes and tried to compete in rock skipping. I was surprised by how many people in my group managed to skip rocks. We all looked so focused, but even with that level of concentration, I wasn’t able to skip any rock (so sad T.T)

Get ready for a few fun facts about the canyon and the river.

1. During spring you can find the Korean pasque flower or grandmother flower that grows in the rocks. It’s a beautiful flower and it can be used as herbal medicine.

2. It’s the only canyon cruise that Korea has

It took us two hours, but we made it to the end of our journey! We were all mesmerized by the incredible view we managed to witness. We saw a few fishes, greeted other people from afar and took many instagram worthy pictures. Being someone that’s never experienced the changing of the seasons, this trip was like no other. What made it more special was that we were the only ones there, so we had the chance to bask in the 

Information about the canyon cruise

Phone number: 033-333-6600
Duration: Approx. 2hrs
Directions: 41-5, Ma-gil, Mitan-myeon, Pyeongchang-gun, Gangwon-do
Official website: http://www.raft.co.kr/?page_id=91

For more information about packaged trips visit: www.adventurekorea.com
Contact us: webmaster@adventurekorea.com  

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