How to go to Daegu airport with no worries – a beginners guide

Written by: Samuel Grieszl

So with this guide I’m going to give a detailed explanation about how to go to the Daegu International Airport with no worries. 

The set starting point is Dongdaegu station. It is one of the major KTX stations in Daegu and also the express bus terminal is located right there. From there you should take the Bus Palgong 2 which goes directly to the airport. You can find the bus stop right in front of exit 5 of Dongdaegu station. There are also signs in English which show “airport”. Taking the bus will approx. take 11 minutes until the airport. You will go through 7 stops in total. The stop where you need to get out is called “Airport market bus stop”. You can see the airport right in front of you. Go straight to gate number 2 where you will see the Check-in  counters of FlyGangwon airline directly. 

image2 1

The airport!

image1 2

Enter Gate 2

image4 2

That is our meeting point

If you are in a hurry or don’t want to take the bus you can also take the taxi. Depending on the traffic condition the ride will take approx. 5-10 minutes and will cost around 7,000 won.

If you are traveling with the car you can park it at the car-park right next to the airport. On weekends the parking fee is 15,000 won per day. 

image3 2

the car park

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