Unforgettable Time at the BTS (Hybe) Museum!

The day has finally arrived! We managed to explore the famous Hybe Museum! It was an unforgettable and stunning experience. The museum gives you an inside peek into the producers’ music editing process, exclusive interviews with the idols, breathtaking artwork, and a variety of interactive features. This was the perfect place for my music or k-pop lovers out there! We left feeling inspired, emotional, and eager to go back.

The museum is on the side of the main Hybe building, but you definitely won’t miss it! Show your QR code to the security guard and put your coat/purse in the locker room. Make sure to do the check-in before you arrive. Then head inside! The Hybe Insight app lets you listen to an idol of your choice narrate certain parts of the museum. Don’t worry, they have English subtitles too!!

You are not allowed to take photos on the first floor, but you will discover some unique parts of music-making! It was an incredible moment that I would not want to spoil for anyone.

I wish I came earlier so I could explore everything on the first level, it was so inspiring! Once we went to the other room we were able to take some pictures of the breathtaking paintings! 

The story behind the paintings was incredible and the pictures just don’t do them justice! James Jean, the artist, made some incredible paintings for BTS called the Seven Phases. Honestly, this was one of my favorite parts of the museum. Each painting has a different meaning dedicated to the members, which was really interesting.

We entered the Scent of Sound exhibition after seeing the amazing artwork. The scents and flowers change with the seasons! This section of the museum provided a one-of-a-kind experience. It’s absolutely something you can only appreciate in person.

Of course, there was a whole area dedicated to pictures, outfits, and special memories for the idols. It was so cool to see many iconic outfits, photos, trophies, and moments! They have a section dedicated to the western achievements BTS has, Yoongi’s guitar is actually displayed here!

We then moved into this amazing sound room and played a game using the Hybe app. If you win you get a prize at the end! I didn’t win in time, but the staff was so nice, they gave me a prize anyways. There were also some wave structures in this area. If you touch them, you will get to feel the vibrations of music.

We made it to the last room (crying T.T)! The room was completely soundproof and the lights made you feel transported into a different world.

After walking through all the special exhibitions, our last stop was the gift shop! I picked up my prize and just had to buy a few souvenirs. 

There were so many additional rooms and interactions I had throughout my visit to the museum, but you have to see it for yourself if you’re interested! It was well worth the $21 and delivered a very memorable experience. I recommend this to all my k-pop fans out there, but even if you are not a fan, this museum was so interactive and special! 

Information about the Hybe Museum:
Official website > https://hybeinsight.com/ < and make an account!
Location: Seoul, Yongsan-gu, Hangangno 3(sam)-ga, Hangang-daero, 42 HYBE INSIGHT
Ticket cost: 22,000won ($20 USD) regular price
                      25,000won ($21 USD) includes custom photo card

Download the app and check-in before going

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