Amazing Korean Culture and History Trip

Written by Deborah Appiah

I had an amazing experience with Adventure Korea on this trip. We went to Gimje city in Jeollabuk-do and visited the Geumsansa temple. This was a very good definition of a Zen and relaxing trip but also educational because we learned so many valuable things about the Buddhist religion.
There was also a lot of activities planned for us such as calligraphy, woodcrafting, made our own picture frame, ceramic making & baking, and enameling our own chain.
The explanation of the master monk was also very enlightening and gave us an insight of life as a monk.
We also had a very beautiful performance from two talented women that introduced as to old Korean cultural music, it was very delightful evening.

I had a really great time meeting fellow foreigners working and studying abroad and made really cool new friends. It was overall a great experience.
The temple stay was also very nice, clean and relaxing, although we had a busy schedule and did a lot during the hours after we arrived, we slept really comfortably, everyone at the temple stay was very welcoming and nice.
We also had a very nice vegetarian lunch and breakfast, something that is very fulfilling and gets you energetic to start the day. In my opinion the vegetarian meal is something that is very popular among young people and a bit trendy, so as a young foreigner I did really like how fulfilling it is


I did all 108 prostrations and also made the beads for each prayer bow. Before we had valuable information about meditation by the master monk. This was such a refreshing experience, although it was a lot of bowing it felt like I did something good, it definitely felt good after making a wish!


The beautiful architecture of the various temples at Geumansa were very eye catching. We walked around the temples and captured literal art at every corner of our eyes. It looks very aesthetically pleasing during the autumn season!


We took a group picture with the master monk, who was the kindest and most patient person ever. She really excudes calmness, and positiveness, which is what the Buddhist religion is all about.


(left picture) We made paintings on ceramic plates that matched with cups that monks drink from with chinese scriptures, on the photo on the left you can see how they douse the plates in cold water after baking them in the oven.
(right picture) We had monk vegetarian lunch and breakfast that were very fulfilling but healthy. In the monk religion they do not consume meat, so living as them and eating as them was part of the experience

I had a really fun experience travelling with AdventureKorea on this unforgettable trip! I hope every foreigner travelling to Korea experiences this once in their lifetime whilst here in Korea.

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