Fantastic RomyZian Garden Wellness Opening Ceremony

Roni and Paula

Wellness week has arrived in Gangwon and there was no better place to start it than in the RomyZian Garden! This past weekend we were able to take part in the wonderful Wellness Week opening ceremony at the RomyZian Garden. We got to see many performances, hear a beautiful message from the chairman, have a yoga session, and go to the famous Najon Station cafe. 

We arrived at the RomyZian Garden! At the ceremony everyone got a free blanket :0

It’s starting to look a lot like Christmas!

The yoga session started with a yoga master that explained the different exercises that we were going to make. Since we were not good at yoga we had many laughs trying to do the different poses.

We ended the opening ceremony with so many gifts. We also got to see some amazing performances from traditional Korean theater (Arirang) to a Kpop group!

Finally we arrived at our last stop, Najon Station Cafe.

We tried their special cream coffee latte and apple croffle! It was super good and the drink actually had some matcha foam on the top 🙂 Going to the cafe was the perfect treat after the garden. The decor at the cafe was also so cute! It was all themed around an old train station. There was even a piano! We tried playing it but failed terribly ㅠ.ㅠ 

Overall it was a lighthearted and fun day! It definitely helped loosen us up and prepare for the weekday.

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