Top 5 Team Building Activities at AdventureKorea:

Through these team building activities we, here at AdventureKorea, hope to inspire your team to not only explore the beauty and extravagance of Korea, but also to create stronger bonds within your workplace. Teamwork is key to making the dream work, in other words, making the environment within your company healthier. Not only is it a team building exercise but a way to just have a good time. Therefore, we hope that through our collaborative activities, leisurely team sports, team retreats, and volunteering events you and your colleagues have become closer and developed a stronger sense of community within the workplace. 

We have done many different trips through our Team Building Activities and have had nothing but success with them. We’ve done trips for businesses all across the world. So you can trust that we will have the exact getaway for you and your team. 

1. ‘Running Man’ Inspired Relay at Tongin, Namdaemun, and Gwangjang Markets

Inspired by the Korean show ‘Running Man’, this trip will be one that will allow your team to truly experience daily life in Korea and the Korean culture. During this trip you and your team will take matters into your own hands to navigate the beautiful city of Seoul. Working together to get around Seoul’s transportation systems, meeting and conversing with local Koreans, trying and experiencing new Korean foods, all while having fun while you’re at it. This trip will be based on a “mission” that will have different things, in this case foods, you need to try to gain points. Your team will be going to three infamous traditional Korean markets to experience some of the freshest, most interesting foods that Korea has to offer. Whether you land at the Dongin, Namdaemun, or Gwangjang Market, each team will be given different food options and depending on how much you’re willing to go out of your comfort zone will decide how many points your team gains. Throughout the mission there will be “checkpoints” that will allow you to further your education about Korean culture and tradition. Your team will get to see many different palaces and even venture to the Hanok village.

2. Cardboard Boat Building

During this trip, you and your team will get together and build a boat out of… you got it… cardboard. This fun and strategic activity will have you and your team thinking of ways to work together and, in this case, stay afloat. We will begin with assessing teams and then you will transfer to your station and begin making your boat. Ovce all teams have finished building their projects we will take the boats onto the Hangang (Han River) and with your teammates and a paddle, you will try to see how far you can get in your “row boat”.

3. Team Sports

**Through these activities you and your business partners will learn how to operate as a team. Thoroughly analyzing and discovering each of your strengths and weaknesses to promote team growth and team building.**

This excursion will be taking you and your team into an environment that will require teamwork and trust between you and your coworkers. Rafting has been proven to reduce stress, strengthen muscles, and boost everyone’s confidence.

Team members will be learning to explore the beautiful Korean oceans while kayaking. There will be teams of two working together in communications and synchronization. You and your team will be learning to cooperate with one another while navigating the “deep blue sea”.

Cycling is one of the top activities that locals partake in as a way to bond with friends and gain a calming experience while taking in the scenic view. Through this activity you will not only experience the same but will be able to regain and refresh your mental and physical health.

Via Ferrata-
Now here is a breathtaking moment that will leave you and your team speechless. Enjoy a climb on the Iron Wall cliff here in South Korea. Through this bonding experience you and your team will work on building one another up and providing motivational support as your members take the same climb as you. You will be supported by steel ladders and ropes installed, permanently, into the cliff itself.

Escape Rooms-
Here your group will participate in an exhilarating and thrilling event. With constant teamwork and problem solving skills, you and your team will work together to build such within your group. As the time ticks you and your members will be improving your communication, productivity, and time-management skills.

Custom Trips-
Mix and match the styles of you and your team and create a trip that is specific towards you guys. AdventureKorea offers a way for your business trip to be 100% your own.

Click the link below to see more detail: https://adventurekorea.com/customtrips/

4. Team Retreats

**Learn about each other during your time on this journey. Get to know one another’s passions, hobbies, even favorite meals all while enjoying the coast of Korea.**

Wellness Trip-
Looking for a trip that will trigger your inner yogi and relax you and your team from the long work week? During this trip you and your team will participate in a yoga session, trekking along scenic Korea, and much more. Resulting in a new and refreshed team for the coming work week.

Jeju Island Trip-
Not only is this one of the go-to beach spots in the world, but also the perfect relaxation site for you and your team. Experience ocean views that are utter perfection, bond with your team through relaxing hikes, visit many tourist destinations that you and your team can relish on when you get back to the office with your beautiful beach tans.

Ulleungdo Island-
The ultimate getaway featuring none other than the infamous Ulleungdo Island. Where you and your team can experience beautiful scenery such as waterfalls, mountains and the clear blue ocean. Take your team on the adventure of a lifetime and discover a bond that will allow you and your team to become your best selves in and out of the office.

Namhae Island-
Take your team to learn the ways of the Namhae islanders and join them in their daily endeavors. Join them while learning their traditional rice farming and participate in a beach clean-up. Spend some time enjoying their beautiful islands while snorkeling, cliff diving, and swimming with your coworkers. What a wonderful way to spend some quality time with people who have the same passion as you.

Nami Island Excursion-
Home to gorgeous scenic views and popular tourist destinations, bring your team to de-stress, relax, and enjoy one of Korea’s magnificent beaches. Bond with your team over drinks while reclining in your chairs along the beach.

Click the link to see more information about our upcoming event: https://adventurekorea.com/upcoming-special-trips/

5. Volunteer Projects

**Take the office to do a kind service for someone else. By caring for those who need it, learn how to provide and care for your team. Help one another to perform well and practice humility for locals together, as a team.**

Community Service-
Serve for one of Korea’s kitchens with your team. Gain an experience of a lifetime while serving those who need it. Gain new friends, give back to the community, and work together as a team.

Help Local Farmers-
Take your team to give back to local communities. Work alongside local farmers and learn about Korean agriculture while you’re at it. Improve your team’s communication skills, as well as problem solving skills. Gain knowledge on the usual Korean veggie and bond with local Koreans.

Assist the Elderly and Handicapped-
Learn to give a helping hand to those who are in need and practice humility while you and your team walk alongside the elderly community as well as those who are handicapped. Through this unique experience, you and your team will perform tasks that are not only helpful to others, but also learn about one another and take what you learned back to the office.

Orphanage Volunteering-
This program will allow you and your team to help and socialize with some of the local children. Here you will get to not only help out around the orphanage but also go on field trips with the children.

Beach and River Clean-up-
During this program, you and your team will give back to multiple communities by cleaning up around the beach and riversides. Experience being helpful to others as a team and as one unit. Gain new values and a higher sense of leadership.

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